“When a friend recommended the Bach Flower Therapy, I was skeptical, but I’ve learned to keep an open mind about alternative modalities. After a couple weeks I realized I was feeling much more calm and functional. The drops seem to work as well, or probably better than pharmacological intervention, with no worry of any troublesome side effects.  A major benefit of the drops is how easily they can be adjusted to accommodate change and circumstance.  For example, times of grief, or spells of nightmares, or extra intense stress. Ms. Nelton’s ability to execute an appropriate mix based on her clients’ needs and emotions is incredibly intuitive and effective.” – Janet M.

“I’ve been going to Lynn for Bach drops for 3 years now and seeing her for IET.  It’s been an awesome experience every time.  The IET sessions are especially grounding.  I always leave feeling renewed and level.” – Nick S.

“I have struggled with depression, anxieties, and feelings of being overwhelmed since taking over a business almost 7 years ago.When I saw some dramatic results from Bach therapy in my son, I wanted to see if I may be able to alleviate or reduce some of the emotional issues I had been experiencing. Unlike regular synthetic anti-depression or anti-anxiety medicines that I had tried in the past, Bach flower was subtle, yet extremely helpful in reducing my main symptoms.  Lynn was very specific in the questions that she asked and the approach that she took to find just the right mix of essences to help in treating me.” – E.J.

“My son benefited from the Bach Flower therapy, but disliked putting them in his mouth, and it was hard to keep up with adding them to drinks.  Lynn put his in a spray bottle.  A spritz of the mixture gives him an instant feeling of calm when he is stressed.  Lynn is so adaptive and considerate of what can help her clients.” – Janet M.