Services & Rates

IET Sessions

A Full Integrated Energy Session with Lynn lasts about an hour and a half or longer. During the IET session, you lie fully clothed and relaxed on a massage table while soft, soothing music is played in the background. Using gentle therapeutic touch, Lynn will direct healing energy vibrations to specific areas of the body that hold blocked emotions. Energy blocks will then be gently and safely released through IET power points in the body. There will be time at the beginning and at the end of each full session for discussion. At the end of an IET session, it is typical to feel relaxed, recharged, refreshed, and more! Is your schedule booked? Don’t want to commit to a full session? You can choose the length of the session based on your needs.

    • Full IET Session: $72.00
    • One Hour IET Session: $55.00
    • Half Hour IET Session: $40.00

Bach Flower Essence Consultations
An initial Bach Flower Essence consultation lasts about an hour and 15 minutes. During a Flower Essence session you will discuss your current life’s circumstances, your feelings or emotions, and what you would like to improve. Lynn will make a personalized bottle of drops for you to take when you leave. We will follow-up in visits and/or phone consultations to tweak the remedies to work for you in your current situation. Many notice positive results within the first week of starting the remedies.

    • Initial Bach Flower Consultation: $65.00
    • Follow-up Consultations: $45.00

A Reiki session lasts about an hour and 15 minutes. You will lie fully clothed on a massage table during a Reiki session. Lynn will intuitively hold her hands slightly above or gently resting on your body and direct the universal Reiki energy to certain areas in need of healing. At the end of a Reiki session, it is typical to feel relaxed, serene, and peaceful.

    • Reiki Session: $65.00

IET Training Classes
Integrated Energy Therapy is fun and easy to learn! It is a powerful self-healing technique and can be used to facilitate the treatment of clients. IET can be used as a stand-alone therapy technique or incorporated as a powerful addition to other techniques. Lynn is certified to teach the Basic, Intermediate and Advanced levels of IET.

Call Lynn for Details: 610-420-8679

“I really had no idea what to expect from my IET sessions, but I am always open to new therapies and any form of enlightenment given the unavoidable stresses in my life. I found the experiences through these sessions to be both profound and somewhat mysterious. What I specifically feel is a “depth” of self, almost as if you are feeling or possibly seeing your soul. This idea is open to your own experience and interpretation. I now know that there is something deeper inside. Lynn, through her expertise and intuition is able to bring us closer to ourselves. I would recommend a session for anyone who is looking to go deeper into self-awareness.” – E.J.